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Dedicated to the preservation of physical media… and if, along the way, we sell some vinyl, CDs, DVDs, 8-Tracks, or Cassettes that’s cool too.

Welcome to We B Vinyls

My love affair with music spans some 45 years. Being a Baby Boomer I grew up listening Pop, Rock, and Top 40.

I still have fond memories of putting my transistor radio under my pillow listening to Cousin Brucie on WABC in The Big Apple. Every Saturday night “The Cuz” would broadcast live from Palisades Amusement Park bringing the best Top 40 artists to a live audience and, of course, his listeners on the radio.

My radio career spans some 20 years. The formats I worked in are varied…Rock, Religious, Talk, and Easy Listening.

But I never lost sight of the music.

And here we are; dedicated to the music. Physical Music.

We have 1000s of LPs, 45s, CDs, DVDs, Cassette and 8-Track tapes available for purchase. Take a look around…enjoy yourself.

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Uncle Floyd will be making a personal appearance at Hidden Treasures, Saturday April 10, 3pm – 6pm at the Livingston Mall, 112 Eisenhower Parkway, in Livingston NJ.

Word on the street is the Floyd will be sitting behind the keys of a baby grand piano!

Hidden Treasurers is located on the first floor right next to Macy’s

I was blessed to start my career in television working at a small TV station in West Orange, New Jersey. WTVG, WBTB, WWHT, and a few other ownership changes I don’t recall.

I learned the business from the transmitter to the executive office. Along the way I met Floyd Vivino, Uncle Floyd, and his pal Oogie.

Watching Floyd work was amazing. He wrote the bits, cut the commercials, made sponsors and guest stars feel welcome and at ease.

I learned more from Floyd in the three years I worked on his show than other gig I had.